SIPA Police arrested Two Bosnians suspected of Involvement in smuggling more than a Tonne of Cocaine


The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) has arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in smuggling more than a tonne of cocaine worth about 50 million euros, which was supposed to end up on Bosnian market!

According to Avaz news portal, cocaine was discovered and seized in several containers in one port in Italy and was hidden in banana boxes.  Investigators returned the containers to their final destination, and most of them ended up in Bosnia-Herzegovina and a smaller one in Northern Macedonia.

In addition to two BiH citizens, the action involved several persons from Italy, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, where four people were arrested. A source close to the investigation says the action was launched after Italian police obtained information on smuggling of narcotics, which were heading to the Balkans, and organized secret surveillance of suspects and drugs. “In one port, Italians seized drugs that were addressed to the port of Bar in Montenegro. Investigators discovered multiple containers of cocaine, concealed with bananas. They found and seized 970 packets of 1,128 kilograms of cocaine”, a source close to the investigation says.

Luka Miladinovic, a spokesman for SIPA, confirmed to Avaz news portal that the international cocaine trafficking chain had been intercepted by a joint action by the judicial and police authorities of Italy, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and our country. He says the arrested persons have been handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. But to protect the investigation, he could not reveal their identity, as well as other details of the action. He couldn’t even find out in which city the containers containing the cocaine ended up.


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