SIPA Members handed over ISIL Fighters with Bosnian Nationality to Prosecutor’s Office


State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) members handed over two ISIL fighters Armen Dzelka and Muharem Dunic to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on Sunday evening.

These are Bosnian nationals who were deported from Syria to BiH on Thursday night and arrested immediately at Sarajevo Airport.

They are suspected of belonging to the so-called Islamic State. After being examined, the prosecutor will decide on further measures.

Five more ISIL fighters were transferred to this group and the Court of BiH ordered them into custody.

Among them are Jasmin Keserovic, Emir Alisic, Hamza Labidi, Senad Kasupovic, Milarem Berbic.

Six women and 12 children were also deported. They are still in the Asylum Camp Delijas.


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