Significant Decrease of Misdemeanours in Canton Sarajevo


Member of the Federal Civil Protection Staff and Deputy Director of the Federal Police Directorate Ensad Korman during his regular address to the representatives of the federal institutions praised the citizens, who, he said, great respect and obey all the measures and orders issued.

He expressed his special gratitude to the pensioners who, in the previous week, adhered to all measures, raised their pensions and completed other obligations they had, which shows an enviable level of compliance with all the measures ordered.

“As of Friday at 12 o’clock, the restraining order for people over 65 is back in force. That order is justified at the moment and in this way we want to protect our most vulnerable population,” said Korman.

As for the order regarding the detention of citizens, he added, around 30,000 such decisions were issued in the Federation of BiH.  All these decisions were taken by police officers on a daily basis, registering which citizens were found at the address of residence and which were not.

“For those citizens who we did not found at the address of residence, a new order was issued where these citizens were placed under the supervision of police officers and such citizens are currently in the Canton of Sarajevo,” said Korman, adding that the new decisions are issued by the Federal Institute for Public Health and that such persons should be quarantined, which will also make it easier for police officers to work in such locations.

In addition to these tasks, police officers carry out regular tasks, and in March, a decrease of crimes perpetrated by eight percent, traffic by 22 percent, traffic fatalities by 40 percent, and attacks on authorized officials fell by 16 percent , while there was a slight increase when it came to breach of law and order because police officers issued misdemeanor warrants for persons who disobeyed orders. As for the health of police officers, Korman said, 40 are currently in self-isolation, while three have coronavirus symptoms.

(Photo: S.Saletovic for Avaz)


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