A Shoe Factory that works for Foreign Market opened in Knezevo

The shoe factory “Dermal” from Kotor Varos released their first production line in Knezevo, which employs a total of 45 workers. Two more lines will be launched by the end of the year, which means 120 additional employees.

This factory in Kotor Varos has more than 500 employees, and due to the expansion of their production, they decided to open production facilities in Knezevo, which has a large percentage of unemployed people. Director Radenko Babic said that workers underwent their training in Kotor Varos and that they showed a great desire for work.

Residents of Knezevo happily welcomed the opening of a new factory because they see it as a chance for new employment. It should also be noted that a certain number of returnees to this town were employed as well.

Mayor of Knezevo, Goran Borojevic, said that they are planning to do much more when it comes to the development of this municipality and to change the status of an underdeveloped municipality where 2,000 people are searching for a job.

If everything goes according to the plan, “Dermal” should employ 300 workers in this municipality in the next two years.

It is a factory that places products on the market of dozen countries, and they are producing boots for the French and English army, US firefighters and special footwear for the MIA of Serbia, Montenegro, and the RS. Recently, they signed an agreement with the Slovenian company for the production of shoes intended for Alpine hiking.


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