Session of the Presidency of BiH ended, Dodik against all Items on Agenda

A session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Sarajevo. The greatest attention of the public was caused by the member of the Presidency, Milorad Dodik, who participated in the work, but voted against every point.

Presidency member Sefik Dzaferovic said that Dodik voted against all items on the agenda and against items related to foreign policy and defense.

“This is an obvious blockade of the institution of the Presidency of BiH. We could not solve the process of giving the agreement to the ambassadors appointed by other countries, so the stability of BiH is endangered. Apart from being a blockade, it is also an abuse because none of us was chosen to behave like that, but to carry out our constitutional decisions. “

Dzaferovic said that it was time for the international mechanism to react due to such a blockade.

“I think that the way for everyone in BiH to adhere to the existing solutions is not to take from Dayton just what suits us, because we are also questioning the entities. We all have to keep our balance, because the one who disturbs it will be in a position to endanger what he is fighting for. ”

He explained that no one was elected to the Presidency of BiH not to allow the use of helicopters of the Armed Forces of BiH in firefighting at a time when the forest is burning, which is just one example of obstruction, and Dzaferovic said that the international community should react in accordance.

At the session of the Presidency of BiH, he said, there was no talk about the Bled Strategic Forum, to which the Presidency of BiH was invited, but which will be attended by the chairman and member of the Presidency Zeljko Komsic and Sefik Dzaferovic, while Dodik refused to participate because High Representative Schmidt will be present.

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