Sergey Lavrov for DW: “Dayton 2” would destroy the Statehood of BiH once again

“They are not blaming us just for the Balkans, but also for interference in Mexico, and I believe somewhere else,” said the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, ironically.

That was the answer of the Head of Moscow’s diplomacy on the Deutsche Welle’s (DW) question to comment the accusations of the US when it comes to Russian role in Southeast Europe.

While explaining what should be done in the Balkans and in BiH, Sergey Lavrov stated:

“We need to cooperate in the Balkans together, as we cooperated when the Dayton Agreement (1995) was agreed, which still represents the crucial basis for BiH. There are numerous examples where we, together with our Western colleagues and other countries – including Turkey – worked to normalize the situation in that or some other part of the Balkans.”

Answering to the question what is his opinion on the idea of organizing “Dayton 2”, as proposed by the US Congressman Mike Turner, Lavrov expressed his doubts, but also the Russian conditions for it:

“First, we need to find out what exactly he meant with it. I did not hear anything about it. However, if we were to write again (new) Dayton, then we are strongly against that idea. I believe that BiH would not be able to endure such a challenge, because we would start to destroy its statehood once again.”

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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