Serbian Soldier paid tribute to Doctor in Travnik who saved his Life

May 30, 2017 11:30 AM

Nikola BarisicThis is the story about a soldier of the so-called Serbian Krajina, who was rescued by members of the Army of RBiH.

“Nikola Barisic went to Travnik to donate 3,000 EUR to the hospital that saved his life and to greet the doctor who amputated his legs back in 1995, after he stepped on a mine as Serbian soldier and spent 9 days on the mountain, waiting for death. Dr. Mirsad Granov welcomed him with other members of that war team, Dr. Zlatan Ivanovic, and Dr. Zoran Banjac, and received his gift as a donation for equipment, as reported by Balkan Insight.

Troops of soldiers of the Army of RBiH soon came to the place where Barisic was waiting for the death on the mountain back then. Serbs and Bosniaks were fighting during the war, especially in 1995, until the end of the war that was stopped by the Dayton Peace Agreement in November. Sometime before the fall of the so-called Serbian Krajina, Serbs committed genocide in Srebrenica, in which was killed a large number of Bosniaks.

“Barisic was only skin and bones then, and he decided to stop the misery and showed soldiers that he is in the mountain hut. However, instead of killing him as an enemy, they took him to the hospital, where Dr. Granov first amputated his wounded leg, and at the beginning of November the other leg as well, which froze during his stay on the mountain. Dr. Granov was looking out for him all the time, and at the beginning of 1996, after the war was over, Barisic went to Serbia. However, he never forgot his saviors.

Today, Barisic lives in Batajnica, near Belgrade, and his greatest wish is to see Dr. Granov again. His wish was fulfilled in late April when Dr. Granov arrived on Congress in Belgrade. Local newspapers organized their meeting at a restaurant in Novi Sad. Dr. Granov brought his wife and two best friends, they exchanged stories of the war and Barisic visited again the hospital in Travnik, or “the place of his second birth.”

At the end, he concluded that “everyone loses in the war because the ordinary man does not want war at all,” wrote Spaic.




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