Serbia Ministry of Transport Announced Flight From Belgrade-Banja Luka-Vienna

AVIONThe long awaited news that flights between Belgrade, Banja Luka and Vienna will open is now in the realization phase, said to Tanjug the Minister for Transport of Serbia Milutin Mrkonjić.

“With the end of discussions with Emirate companies around the realization and stabilization of the Serbian national airline company ‘Jat’, we are in a position that today we have an exact flight schedule for the future airline company from Belgrade to Banja Luka and for Vienna’’, said Mrkonjić after the fourth joint session of the Serbian government and the RS.

He said that in the morning hours planes would depart from Belgrade to Vienna for the business world, while in the afternoon there would be flights that go to Banja Luka, Belgrade or Vienna.

Mrkonjić said that the Serbian partner from the Emirates, ‘Etihad’, accepted such an agreement of two governments and that this is good news for the RS and Serbia.


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