Serb made Bosnian Muslim to remove the Coat of Arms of BiH from Trailer and Recorded everything

Renato Marjanovic from Prijedor was arrested today after he insulted his fellow citizen Azrin Hodzic yesterday.

On his Facebook profile, Marjanovic published a video that shows Hodzic taking of the sticker with the coat of arms of the BiH flag from his trailer.

From the Prijedor police, with the initials, they confirmed that they arrested R.M. (1988) from Prijedor, on grounds of suspicion that on March 11th, committed the criminal offenses of Abuse, Torture and Other Inhumane and Degrading Treatment on a thirty-two-year-old person from Prijedor.

Further measures and actions towards the person deprived of liberty will be undertaken in cooperation with the acting prosecutor of the Prijedor Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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