Semir Music – former Kickboxer, now a certified Google AdWords Expert

June 17, 2017 10:00 AM

Semir MusicIf you know what you want and you have a clear goal, the success will come for sure. That’s exactly the case with Semir Music who started his business after winning the silver medal at the European Junior Championship in kickboxing when he received a scholarship that allowed him to complete his studies, improve and become a certified Google AdWords expert and one of the co-founders of the company Lilium Digital.

“I applied for the project, “I have an idea”, where I took the first place in the competition of 540 competitors at the final year of my studies.  I continue winning in several competitions of business ideas that same year. In that way, I got the investment and started my own startup,” said Music.

“My biggest advantage during the work on the development of my startup project was that I knew to listen to people and help them get what they want. As I developed my startup, I met many entrepreneurs with whom I started cooperation later and we became friends as well.”

“I was searching for the way to get new customers. I saw an opportunity in digital marketing and great things started happening for me from that moment. I realized that many other companies are also looking for new customers every day and that I can help them solve this problem precisely through digital marketing,” explained Music.

“We are educating people about the benefits of investments in digital marketing on a daily basis, in order to simplify that area for them and allow them to better understand it, and I recently filmed one video in which I explained the basics of digital marketing in only few minutes.”

“Also, I try to justify the confidence that I got every day because in this way we are building long-term relationships with our clients and they often recommend us for cooperation to their friends as well,” said Music.

“It is a big honor to me to realize campaigns for companies such as Mercedes, Porsche, DM, OLX, and many others, but it is also a great responsibility.”

“My current goal that I am working on is to achieve a hundred clients by the end of the year. In order to realize this, I need to work on the expansion of the team of people who want victories and conquests as well,” noted this entrepreneur.

“I am also working on a project for the US market, and that will be done very soon as well,” concluded Semir Music at the end.



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