Security Minister: We do not all bear the Burden of Migrants Crisis equally


Yesterday, the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Selmo Cikotic, was on a working visit to Bihac, where he discussed the extent of the migrant crisis with the local authorities. He held a meeting with Mustafa Ruznic, the Una Sana Canton (USC) Prime Minister, and his team.

Cikotic said that this is a global issue that has direct consequences in our region and in BiH.

”We do not all bear the burden of the crisis equally, and not all institutions participate in mitigating the consequences of the crisis. The USC is experiencing all the negative aspects of that crisis and the inefficient action of some other institutions,” said the Minister of Security of BiH.

He announced the effects of yesterday’s meeting, saying that they will be seen in the following weeks and months. He also emphasized that everyone will witness better management of the migrant crisis, but also a greater degree of security for the citizens of BiH.

At the press conference, the Prime Minister of the USC, Mustafa Ruznic, expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Minister of Security and added that it was a direct conversation.

“It is necessary to establish coordination of all participants in the process, from the city to the state and international factors in BiH dealing with the problem of migration. This is the first task we agreed – strengthening of the institutions, and then implementing measures when it comes to local communities and centers,” he added.

Ruznic says that yesterday’s agreement will be implemented in the following days and weeks.

“I hope that this time the agreement will be successful. The Minister of Security of BiH presented a broad plan with 7-8 measures and 100 actions that we need to implement. I hope that we in the USC will experience it in the next three years. Today we saw the concrete proposals and measures which we have talked about in previous years. We are going to work together, we are going to the field, we are going to manage the crisis,” it was said yesterday by the USC Prime Minister in an optimistic way.

The meeting was also attended by police commissioner Mujo Koricic, and parliamentarians of the state: Jasmin Emric and Semsudin Dedic. Yesterday, Cikotic also talked with the Mayor of Bihac, Suhret Fazlic.

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