Security Minister visits Reception Camp Lipa

Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic and his associates visited the Lipe site near Bihac on Sunday, this time to check the intensity of the works on preparing the lot and military tents for temporary accommodation of migrants and refugees.

“We are satisfied, considering that almost everything that was agreed upon seven days ago has been done. The tents have been prepared, the heating in them has been installed, and soon all the other necessary things will be done for a more dignified accommodation of these people.

This is a temporary solution and is currently the best possible, given the difficult situation of migrants and refugees, but also the needs and safety of the local population,” said the head of the office of the Minister of Security of BiH Senahid Godinjak.

With the completion of this process, preconditions will be created for the preparation and execution of all construction works in the Lipa reception camp. 

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