Security Minister claims Bosnia and Herzegovina is maximally responsible when it comes to Migrants


Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic commented about the migrant crisis, stating that Bosnia and Herzegovina is maximum responsible when it comes to humanitarian part, and sent a message to people who are worrying about the status of illegal migrants to put a pressure on governments of European countries to accept them, Srna reports.

“I have free-of-charge advice for all people worrying about the status of illegal migrants – pressure on governments of European countries to accept migrants and demonstrate much more solidarity,” Radoncic told Srna commenting on the writing of the British Guardian about Bosnia’s attitude towards migrants.

Radoncic has said that illegal migrants did not come to BiH to stay but are on their way to Western European countries.

The British Guardian wrote about two crises that hit BiH, the migrants and the coronavirus, saying that the fear from infection led to urgent measures and relocation of those people to tents in a remote camp Lipa, which does not guarantee safe life, reports the Klix internet portal.

The paper saw a document in which the city of Bihac civil defense headquarters asked that the move be carried out “in order to take urgent measures to prevent the onset of the disease caused by Covid-19.”, The Srpska Times reports.

The paper says that the setting up of a camp in Lipa, a village about 25 km from the border with Croatia, started a few days ago, prompting panic among asylum seekers and volunteers, who fear the measure will not guarantee any assistance to migrants.

The paper says that among the main problems is the concern over access to water, heat and electricity, as well as a feeling that the move marks a further deterioration in their living conditions.

The British paper says, among other things, that the decision to move migrants to Lipa has sparked a row in the country, with representatives of Serbs, who returned to Bosnia’s Federation entity after fleeing during the war, complaining that the Muslim migrants living in the new tent camp near the village could be a threat to their livelihoods.


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