SCMF 2013 Program Announced

sarajevo-chamber-music-festival-2013The most prestigious festival of chamber music in the region is the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival, and this year it will offer the public free concerts, announced the organizers.

At this unique music event, several top artists will performs from B&H and the world. The festival is being developed as an initiative of the Music Academy that, with its artistic and educational activities wishes to specifically develop in relation to the general public, and as a gift to citizens and guests of Sarajevo entrance is free, while tickets for these events throughout the world are very expensive.

Just like last year, the resident quartet from New York, the Manhattan String Quartet will perform concerts with some of the most important works of chamber music. In addition to the Quartet, this year as well the festival will be marked by performances of artists, some of which after a successful performance last year, are returning to the festival and to the Sarajevo public, while others will perform here for the first time. In focus of this year’s SCMF are chamber works of two great music artists from the 18th and 19th centuries Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Brahms, so a significant part of the program will consist of performances from these two composers.

This year’s festival program and campaign of the Music Academy will be used for an educational project to promote messages that art is not parasitic and a peripheral social activity that needs charity, nor is it only a fun activity that needs to temporarily divert attention away from the reality of the celebration of superficial beauty. In contrast, art is valuable as a noble form of the externalization of the human spirit. It is the brightest product of the spirit of humanity, which reaches its maximum height in music.

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