Sarajevoputevi got a Contract worth 12,8 million BAM

“Highways of the Federation BiH” awarded a contract for the maintenance of the Corridor Vc to the state-owned company “Sarajevoputevi”.

This is a contract signed for four years worth nearly 11 million BAM, and with VAT about 12.8 million BAM, according to the Dnevni Avaz.

In this way, the multi-month problem with this tender was finalized.

In September last year, the former management of “Autocesta” assigned this consignment to a consortium of private companies “Bosman” – “Dobojputevi” for 16 million BAM.

The offer of “Sarajevoputeva” was then lower by KM 3 million, but it was deemed unacceptable.

After the dismissal of director Dzenan Salcin and the appointment of Adnan Terzic, the tender was canceled and a new one was announced.

On the new tender, the offer of “Sarajevoputevi” was again lower by 4 million BAM, and this company was given the contract.


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