Sarajevo will soon get the first Bus Station made of recycled Plastic

As part of the “Festival in the Center” event, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Municipality Centar Sarajevo, and Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) invite citizens to dispose of plastic packaging in Radiceva Street on a proper separate place, which will be used to build a bus station in Centar Sarajevo Municipality.

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to human health and nature. It is estimated that households, production/service activities, and public utilities in BiH produced about 150.000 tons of plastic waste during 2018.

Less than 2 percent of this waste is recycled while 98 percent ends up in controlled, uncontrolled, and illegal landfills in BiH since the system of primary and secondary selection of packaging waste is not established in most municipalities/cities, so there is a lack of capacity to recycle various packaging materials.

Tackling plastic waste involves the participation of governments, the public and private sectors, the academic community, as well as society as a whole. One of the projects within the “Cities of the Future – Sarajevo” initiative, implemented by “normal architecture”, envisages the creation and 3D printing of the first bus station in BiH from recycled plastic.

To make the station, it is necessary to collect more than 1.5 tons of plastic – and the first step in that direction is to set up special containers for plastic packaging in Radiceva Street during the cultural and creative event “Festival in the Center”, from August 13th to August 20th, 2021.

We invite all visitors to the event to use their waste plastic packaging to create new value and properly dispose of it in the containers provided for that purpose in Radiceva Street. The “Cities of the Future” initiative is implemented by UNDP in BiH, in cooperation with the City of Sarajevo, and the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, Klix.ba writes.


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