Sarajevo War Theatre Will Present Play ‘Nedovršeno Nebo’

SONY DSCAt the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR), the play ‘Nedovršeno Nebo’ will be performed on Sunday at 20:00. The public will have the chance to enjoy in the 40 minutes of a long journey to the space between the earth and the sky, to dance in the air as silk!

The play ‘Nedovršeno Nebo’, a contemporary circus directed by Branko Potočan is a kind of flight in which artists use various techniques to levitate in space, trying to catch the moment of creating a separate scene such as the falling of snow and feathers, butterfly games or dialogue between angels.

The story follows the life of an ordinary man and his efforts to find a solution to difficult life questions and the temptations that he meets. Some succeed, some fail. Nevertheless, what we are left with is a fantasy world, a world of dreams, illusions, where everything is in accordance with our wishes. This is a world to which Branko Potočan and dancers on silk invite you: Lucija Adamič, Kristina Martinc, Rebeka Vegelj, Katja Pavlović, Nina Grguraš, Lana Mihelčič and Nina Bučuk. The composer of the music for the play is Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, and it was realized under the production of Vitkar Burueau. The play is appropriate for all ages.

(Source: SARTR)

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