Sarajevo to Receive the First IT HUB387

Global technologySarajevo will receive the first informatics-program HUB this autumn. One of the main objectives of HUB387 will be to gather together and educate young ambitious IT staff in Sarajevo with the aim of slowing the outflow of local talents towards popular European IT destinations.

Along with this, the purpose of HUB387 will be the quality service raising offered to the global IT markets, attraction of important projects, as well as the establishment of the start-up environment and creation of favorable business environment for the new IT generation in Sarajevo.

To the companies and individuals who join HUB387, various advantages will be offered, such as significant savings in regard to the costs of renting facility, as well as various education trainings and seminars. Special emphasis will be devoted to the organization of intensive courses performed by the world’s best IT experts and “co-working” IT accelerator, which besides ensuring the equipped facility will provide mentors from the world start-up scene.



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