Sarajevo Students organize a Tram Ride for young and elderly People 

August 31, 2016 6:30 PM

mkjuhzStudents of the Gymnasium Obala will organize a joint tram ride for young and elderly citizens tomorrow at 12 am, with the aim of pointing to the problems that both categories of citizens face with every day in public transportation system, especially to the ugly incidents that happen almost every day.

The project was initiated and launched in June by professors and students of the Student Council of Gymnasium Obala. Aim of the project is to show how important it is that young people pay attention to older participants in traffic, to develop affection towards elderly people, and to raise awareness about treating other people with respect and understanding.

This project will symbolically mark the beginning of a new academic year and, hopefully, awake interest of young people for nice and polite treatment of elderly people in public transportation.

The gymnasium will tomorrow host members of the Center for Healthy Aging from the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo. At 12 am, the guests and students of the gymnasium will take a symbolic ride through the streets of the city, from Skenderija to Baščaršija, and then from Skenderija to Ilidža and back.

Trams will be decorated with sketches made by the students. The sketches will have educational character and will be stimulative for students and young people and hopefully will yield positive and desired result – prevention of ugly incidents that happen almost every day in public transportation. That decorated tram will be operating for the next month.



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