Sarajevo marks the Anniversary of the Massacre on Markale

One of the saddest dates in the near history of Sarajevo will be marked today– the Day of Remembrance of all the victims of the besieged Sarajevo in the period from 1992 to 1995. Besides that, the capital of BiH paid tribute to the victims of the massacre on Markale market. On this day in 1994, the shell fired from aggressor’s position killed 68 and wounded 142 citizens of Sarajevo.

During the four-year siege of the city of Sarajevo, there was almost no place in the city that was safe and many parts of the city, unfortunately, are remembered as sites of terrible crimes.

On this day, as on other days of the year, a large number of citizens gathered at the Markale market where they were trying to find certain food items.

As a reminder, the second massacre on Markale occurred on August 28, 1995, when 37 people were killed and 90 were wounded. That second attack on the citizens was a direct cause for NATO’s bombing of Serb positions.

Unfortunately, there are still the advocates for the revitalization of those crimes, those who are trying to deny the brutal killing of the civil population on the Markale market.

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