Sarajevo International Airport is likely to terminate its Contract with FlyBosnia?


Sarajevo International Airport is likely to terminate its contract with FlyBosnia, Dnevni Avaz newspapers reveals.

In addition to the termination of the contract, a lawsuit will be filed against this airline, which owes the Airport more than 900,000 BAM for the services provided so far.

It will follow because the Sarajevo Airport Authority is not satisfied with the proposed debt collection solutions sent by FlyBosnia to their address on Tuesday. FlyBosnia is not able neither to provide a bank guarantee for half a million BAM, nor a bill of exchange as a condition of securing the collection of claims. This is all the more reason to terminate the contract after less than three months.

Sources for Avaz newspapers claim that it is now obvious that FlyBosnia does not have the money to pay 900,000 BAM in debt and the deadline is by the end of the year. So far, they have paid only 100,000 BAM for which is not enough to continue any cooperation.

“Although the company has been operating flights for only three months, it has already found itself, as we announced, in serious financial problems, and it is doubtful whether there will be any more next year,” Avaz claims. FlyBosnia’s monthly cost for airplanes, fuel and insurance is half a million dollars, and its debts are constantly rising. In addition to its debt to Sarajevo Airport, FlyBosnia also owes hundreds of thousands of marks to HIFA’s fuel delivery company, as well as to lawsuits brought against companies by disgruntled Arabs who used the services of the airline.

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