Sarajevo Canton Crisis Staff is proposing Repressive measures regarding Vaccination

The Crisis Staff of the Sarajevo Canton is proposing repressive measures when it comes to vaccinating citizens against the new coronavirus, confirmed the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto.

“I call on all citizens to be vaccinated and I am announcing a lively discussion between the Crisis Staff and the Government, which will take place on Monday, and which we have scheduled today because the Crisis Staff has requested very repressive measures in terms of vaccination. Namely, the vast majority of people who have a severe clinical picture and who fill intensive care units around the world are unvaccinated. The Crisis Staff, guided by this fact, seeks very restrictive measures in terms of coming to work, mandatory vaccinations or proving PCR or other means of testing. That decision has not been made yet, “Forto said.

According to him, the Crisis Staff demands that employees of institutions and companies owned by the canton cannot enter without proof of coronavirus vaccination, that they have contracted COVID-19 or with a PCR test every three days.

Speaking about whether CS is medically ready for a new wave of pandemics, the Prime Minister answered in the affirmative.

“We are medically ready, but I am asking the citizens not to allow us to have a situation again in which our hospitals and intensive care units are full. Please act responsibly. The fourth wave has already hit several countries. The first estimates are that about 40 percent of the population received the first dose of vaccine,” Forto concluded.

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