Sarajevo and Wolfsburg Will Cooperate Regularly and Through Concrete Projects

At the invitation of Mayor Wolfsburg Klaus Mohrs, the Mayor of Sarajevo with the Deputy Ranko Čović and the Advisor for International Cooperation and European Integration Elvis Kondžić were on a visit to this city.

The reason for the visit was to mark the 75th years of the establishment of this German city, with who Sarajevo has been in a partnership since 1985.

The central manifestation began at reception hall, where Mayor Mohrs welcomed the delegation from 12 cities throughout the world.

On this occasion, he expresses special gratitude to the arrival of Mayor Komšić and stressed the willingness to strongly intensify contacts and cooperation with Sarajevo.

Mayor Komšić, after the greetings sent on behalf of citizens of Sarajevo, used the occasion to announce that cooperation between Sarajevo and Wolfsburg was established a long time ago, and today is entering a new period where cooperation would develop regularly and through concrete projects.

He called on Mayor Mohrs to visit Sarajevo soon with his colleagues.

As part of his visit, he arranged a tour of the facility for Volkswagen and a meeting with members of the management of this company.

The Sarajevo delegation had the opportunity to get to know the newest technology of production of Volkswagen automobiles, and information on strengthening the market and the needs for the development to come.

After this visit, Mayor Komšić and members of the delegation spoke with representatives of the Institute of Culture of the city of Wolfsburg, where he accepted an initiative that in the next period activities would be realized, where literary works and literature from many areas would be gathered in Wolfsburg for educational institutions in Sarajevo.

Deputy Mayor Čović planted a tree of friendship, which marked the official start of a new, stronger cooperation of the two cities, announced on Sunday from the City Administation of the City of Sarajevo.

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