S. Tihić: Early elections are the right solution to political crisis in FBiH

SDA (Party of Democratic Action) thinks that the early elections are the right solution to political crisis in FBiH.

Leader of SDA Sulejman Tihić said: ” Problem of the crisis of the Government in FBiH can be solved within the framework of the Constitution and laws, which means that beside the parliamentary majority, one cannot overlook the importance of the president of FBiH and vice president of FBiH. If someone wants the reconstruction, including HDZ, he will have to talk with Živko Budimir, Mirsad Kebo and Svetozar Pudarić. The only other option is early elections.”

Commenting the yesterday’s meeting of leaders of the new parliamentary majority in FBiH (SDP BiH, SBB, HDZ BiH, HDZ 1990) Tihić added that they can talk, but without the consent of the president of FBiH they cannot do anything.

”They can talk about urgent processes, which are urgent since May this year. If they do want to solve this issue, there is a procedure; there are constitutional mechanisms to do so. I invite them, if they are not afraid of defeat, to early elections in FBiH”, said Tihić.

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