Russian Bank donated 500.000 Euros for the Health Institution in Bosanski Samac

Russian BankPresident of the Republika Srpaska, Milorad Dodik, announced yesterday in Banja Luka that the Russian “Vnješekonom banka“donated 500.000 euros for the revitalization of the health institution in Bosanski Samac.

After the meeting with the president of the Managing Board of “Vnješekonom banka“, Vladimir Dimitrijev, emphasized that the money was already paid to the Solidarity Fund.

“I would like to thank to this Bank, that, at the first new about the floods in RS, announced that it will donate funds for the revitalization of areas that have been damaged in floods. It seems to me that these funds are coming at the right time, i.e. at the time when the interest of others to help these areas stopped“, said Dodik to reporters.

He emphasized that there is a lot of need for help to households, institutions and the utility infrastructure that has been damaged in floods.

According to his words, this is a proof that the earlier given world and the friendship of Russia and RS are stronger from rehabilitations that caused problems to the economy and financial sector of Russia.

“I believe that Russia will emerge stronger and that wil strengthen potential and possibilities. We are solidary in RS, we understand the Russian position and we hadn’t agree at searching for the representative of the International community to become the part o those that will support sanctions for Russia“, said Dodik adding that it will prove as good not only for the economy of RS, but also for the Federation of BiH.


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