Russia opening the Market for the Placement of Goods from RS

russian delegation“RS will get a better conditions for the placement of its products to the Russian market”, said yesterday after the meeting with the Prime Minister of RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic, president of the Board for the development of entrepreneurship and the market of consumer, Elgiz Kacajev, who heads the delegation of the Russian city Sankt Petersburg, which is in a two-day visit to RS.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of RS, Stevo Mirjanic said that they talked with the Russian delegation about possibilities of the production, processing and placement to the Russian market, where at least 70.000 tons of fruit will be placed to during this year.

“In the current conditions we can export to the Russian market 100.000 of fruits, around 80.000 tons of vegetables, 27.000 tons of meat and meat products, 30.000 tons of milk and milk products as well as 25.000 tons of various meat, milk, fruit and vegetable products for the consumption“, said Mirjanic after the meeting.

Businessmen from Sankt Petersburg met today with the Minister of Transport and Communications of RS, Nedjo Trninic and on this occasion talked about the capacities of the Airport Banja Luka for the traffic and about the possibility of its expansion, with the help of Russian partners.

Minister of the Trade and Tourism, Predrag Gluhakovic, said that a small number of Russian tourist visit RS, and that it was agreed at today’s meeting for potentials of this entity n a religious, spa and health tourism to be promoted at the fair, that will be held n December in Sankt Petersburg.

Russian delegation met today also with the relevant Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Petar Djokic, and they talked about the possibilities of the investments in the sector of the processing industry and energy, and the fair presentation of the potentials of RS.

(Source: klix.ba)

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