RS must repay a record Amount of Debt of 670 Million BAM next Year

Vukota Govedarica tesliconline.comRepayment of debts of Republika Srpska in the next year is to be record and amount to around 670 million BAM, the Head of the Club of Delegates of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) in the National Assembly of RS Vukota Govedarica warned yesterday.

Govedarica criticized the entity government for the chaotic state of economy, especially in the energetic sector, highlighting that the Thermal Power Plant Gacko lost 23.8 million BAM in nine months of this year.

The same enterprise lost 10 million BAM last year and, according to Govedarica, the independent external audit determined that this loss is exceeding 25 million BAM.

Unfortunately, the RS Government tries to solve all problems with new indebting, and in 2016 the RS has to repay 670 million BAM of debts,” Govedarica added.

Speaking of the decision of the Constitutional Court of RS that there is no violation of vital national interest of Bosniaks during the election of Commission for the implementation of referendum in RS, Govedarica pointed out that the authorities tried to get two months of time, since they knew that a decision on referendum had to be made and commission for its implementation had to be founded at the same time.

All the obstacles have been removed and it is clear that the Commission can start working. The Commission is headed by Željko Mirjanić, who formerly voted for the laws on Court and Prosecution of B&H at the level of B&H and now wants to repeal those laws at the territory of RS,” Govedarica said.

Furthermore, Govedarica added that yesterday’s action by SIPA in Gradiška and Laktaši speaks of the fact that the assembly conclusions have no sense, they do not oblige the RS Government upon whose proposal the parliament adopted conclusions on the termination of cooperation with SIPA, Court and Prosecution of B&H.

Govedarica reiterated that SDS expects the problem of revocation of the vice-president Nenad Stevandić to be resolved at the special session of the RS Parliament, on December 21.

(Source: klix.ba)

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