Revenues of the Market of Telecommunications of BiH amounted to 1.4 billion BAM

The total revenues achieved in the market of telecommunications of BiH were estimated at 1.4 billion BAM in the year of 2015 and that represents 4.91 % of GDP for that year, according to the answer of BiH to the Questionnaire of the European Commission.

According to reports of the Regulatory Agency of Telecommunications that were submitted to the European Commission, there are three dominant telecom operators in BiH, and 47 Internet service providers were registered in the FBiH, as well as 28 TV cable operators.

A total of 241,444 fixed telephony users, 1.469,472 mobile telephony users and 169,355 internet users are registered in the RS in 2015, and it was noted that, according to the number of users, the market of telecommunications in the RS recorded an increase in the sector of mobile telephony and internet, while a decrease was recorded in the fixed telephony.

Revenues from telecommunications services in the RS amounted to 450,000,000 BAM in 2015, and total investments in the field of telecommunications services amounted to 107,000.005 BAM in that year.

In the response of BiH to the Questionnaire of European Commission was noted that the protection of consumers and rights of users and subscribers of electronic communications, as well as the obligations of operators that are providing public accessible telecommunication services at the level of BiH are regulated by the Law on Consumer Protection of BiH, the Law on Communications and bylaws adopted by the Regulatory Agency of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH.


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