Representatives of Four Municipalities will Visit Norway

osloNansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Sarajevo organizes a study trip to Norway for a group of representatives from the municipalities of Zvornik, Srebrenica, Bratunac and Jajce.

The representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 21st -28th September 2013 will visit two cities: Lillehammer and Oslo. It is a selected group of participants who have recently participated in a series of seminars organized by the Nansen Dialogue Center Sarajevo on the theme of inter-ethnic communication and cooperation. The group consists of primary and secondary school teachers, employees of local administration, social workers, and employees of the state border police.

The representatives of municipalities will stay at the Nansen Academy, in Lillehammer and they will meet with the Mayor of Lillehammer. In Oslo they will visit the Parliament of the Norway Kingdom, the Nobel Institute for Peace in Oslo and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the  Norway supports financially the work of NDC Sarajevo.

(Source: Fena)

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