Representatives of Lions B&H Departed to Flooded Areas With Humanitarian Aid

May 31, 2014 2:45 PM

Lions B&HRepresentatives of humanitarian organization Lions B&H departed this morning from Sarajevo with the humanitarian help for the population of the areas affected by floods.

The President of Lions B&H Mehmed Kundurović announced for Fena that they have received a grant in the amount of 15.000 BAM from the Lions Club International and from this fund they bought 603 packages of food for population of Željezno Polje, Žepče and Maglaj.

“Our principle is to not send this aid to some warehouse but to distribute it directly to the vulnerable population of flooded areas”, said Kundurović.

He emphasized this is the first grant in the series of grants that they will receive and another grant even bigger is expected very soon and in about 10 days they will have to go again to distribute aid to vulnerable population.

According to Kundurović, Lions Club International is the largest world humanitarian organization which is involved in rescuing vulnerable population of 182 countries.

(Source: Fena)

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