Representative of the UN General Secretary for Western Balkans Expressed Support for Activities of Ministry of Defense and B&H Armed Forces

sastanak_oruzane_snageThe Minister of Defense of B&H Zekerijah Osmić and the Deputy Minister of Defense for Policy and Planning Marina Pendeš with their closest associates had a meeting with a delegation of the UN led by representative of General Secretary of UN for Political Affairs in the Western Balkans Peter Due.

The process of B&H for EU integration, participation of B&H Armed Forces in  peacekeeping operations, regional cooperation and fulfillment of international obligations as an integral part of the integration process were the topics of conversation. Osmić expressed his gratitude for the assistance that the UN provides to the Ministry of Defense and Armed forces, mainly through UNDP projects related to the destruction of surplus weapons and ammunition and to increase safety stocks.

Representative of General Secretary of UN for Political Affairs for the Western Balkans Peter Due thanked them for the reception and expressed the UN’s interest for participation of “experienced and quality members of B&H Armed Forces to UN operations”. Due expressed his intention to organize a Regional meeting on the topic -participation to the peace support operations, announced the Office for Public Relations of B&H Ministry of Defense.

(Source: Fena)

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