Renewed Battle Museum of Sutjeska is now reopened

The renewed Battle Museum of Sutjeska, devastated in the 1990s, is now reopened at Tjentiste.

It was rebuilt with Sutjeska National Park (NP) funds, whose management has invested heavily in repairing landslides below the central monument of the Valley of the Heroes, as well as adapting the Memorial Room with engraved names of the killed participants of battles.

According to the director of NP Sutjeska Dejan Pavlovic, a museum which renewal lasted six months will have a permanent exhibition, although thousands of former exhibits have been robbed and most have never been restored. Renewal of the museum’s memorial complex is complete now.

“We have managed to renew the building and part of the exhibits to return to the showroom. We found some exhibits, some of them were redeemed and some of them were given by people, so now, we have over 400 exhibits,” Pavlovic explained.

The opening of the museum was also attended by the former director of NP Sutjeska Nedzad Aganovic, who expressed hope of investing in objects at Tjentiste.

(Source: Fena)

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