Remains of Nine Persons exhumed from a Mass Grave in Kalinovik

The incomplete remains of at least nine victims from the past war so far have been exhumed from a mass grave discovered at the Dobro Polje site in the Kalinovik municipality.

The exhumation at this extremely inaccessible and difficult terrain along the Bistrica River canyon began on Monday, and will continue next week due to the extremely extensive and complex search of the area, said the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH.

The remains that have been found so far will be transferred to the Visoko town cemetery for further forensic and medical processing and identification through DNA analysis.

According to the information available to the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH, it is assumed that these are victims of Bosniak nationality who disappeared in this area in the past war.

The exhumation procedure at this location is directly managed by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and the process also involves employees of the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH, anthropologists of the International Commission for Missing Persons, forensic experts, workers and mechanization, as well as the police from Foca and Kalinovik.

Representatives of the Missing Persons Task Force on behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the UN International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Courts visited the exhumation site.

Today, the site was visited by a representative of the Swedish Embassy in BiH, as well as the Deputy Head of the Western Balkans Program of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP).

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