Red Bull Cliff Diving promotes Mostar around the Globe!

160926031-3_mnThe Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship 2016 competition held this Saturday in Mostar was a true sport spectacle.

With a whole load of attractive dives, exciting competition and great fun, this event brought new twists in the championship, only two stops before the end. This was also a great opportunity for promotion of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Seventh stop of the season on the Old Bridge brought a lot of excitement and unexpected happenings. Before 20.000 spectators, Michal Navratil was the best diver from the height of 27.5 meters, while Lyssane Richard won in the women competition from 21.5 meters of height.

Competition in Mostar was broadcasted live on Red Bull TV, thus viewers from all around the globe could watch it, and recordings and news about this event are among top news in the world these days. Video with the best moments of the competition reached over two million views online in less than 48 hours, and it is very likely that it will exceed the number of seven million views, held by last year’s video from Mostar.

Videos and recordings from Mostar were shared on social networks by the NBA star LeBron James, who wrote “Unbelievable, WOW!!” on his Twitter account and the famous rapper Jermaine Dupri, who shared the video on his Facebook profile.

You can watch the recording of the competition on Red Bull TV and


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