Record Production of Electricity in the Month of March

April 4, 2018 9:00 AM

Hydroelectric Power Plant / HPP / Visegrad produced a total of 199.93 GW/h of electricity in the month of March. Therefore, it achieved a record in the monthly production, said the director of this company, Nedeljko Perisic.

Perisic noted that total production in the first quarter was 431.71 GW/h of electricity, which is the second best first quarter since the beginning of work of HPP in the last 28 years.

“The increase in realized production in regard to the dynamic plan amounts to 151.71 GW/or 54 %, and 201.93 GW or 88 % in comparison to the same period of 2017,” said Perisic.

He also noted that these good production results were followed by economic indicator, and thus the sales revenue was estimated at a total of 10.77 million BAM, which represents an increase in comparison to the planed amount for 1.27 million BAM or 13 %, and 83 million BAM or 81 % in comparison to the same period last year.

He added that the company operated positively in the first quarter with more than two million BAM and he also noted that HPP will justify expectations and fulfil its obligations in the terms of energy and economy again this year.

Perisic also praised workers of this company who contribute to better operations of HPP.



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