Reconstruction of the Square in front of the National Theatre Sarajevo to begin soon

narodno_pozoriste_sarajevo_fena5The upcoming reconstruction of the Square of Susan Sontag in front of the National Theatre in Sarajevo, whose ruined face has been an eyesore for the citizens of Sarajevo in the years after the war, will restore the dignity of the oldest theatre institution in BiH founded in November 1919, which was officially opened in 1921 under the lead of Branislav Nušić, former head of the Art Department of the Ministry of Education.

Head of the Department of Utility Affairs of the Centar Municipality Đenita Bogunić-Kešelj emphasized that the project, which is entirely financed by that municipality, foresees complete reconstruction of the square in front and around the building of the National Theatre.

The plan also includes slight extension of the street Branilaca Sarajeva and formation of an island on the part of the street in front of the square. Two lighting units will be installed, all in accordance with the sketches by Professor Juraj Neidhardt, which were the leading idea for this proposal.

Two info panels will be placed for the needs of the theatre and citizens.

Estimated value of works is around 1.200.000 BAM and the Municipality is in the process of negotiation of the first phase. First phase works will last for at least 120 days, depending on the weather conditions.


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