The Reconstruction of the Sarajevo Airport began with the Demolition of Terminal A

As it was announced, at the International Airport of Sarajevo, works on the demolition of the old Terminal A began.

It is a terminal that has not been used for a long time for the original purpose and is located next to the renewed Terminal B. After the old Terminal A is demolished, it is planned to extend the existing Terminal B in that area.

“Terminal A was used for commercial traffic from 1969 until the beginning of the war in 1992. After the construction of Terminal B, it was used as an office space for airport staff, and there was also a restaurant for visitors. Before the demolition, there was a number of preparatory works in the period of few months, including the installation and equipping of two montage facilities with all the accompanying infrastructure for the needs of the workers, “ said spokeswoman of the Sarajevo International Airport – Sanja Bagaric Arnaut to Fena.

As part of these preparatory works, the relocation of nearly 120 employees from the Operational Center, the hospitality service and other services to different locations was done.

“In order to streamline costs, all equipment from the old Terminal A, such as a kitchen, heating and cooling system, furniture, audio-video systems, and other were used for furnishing temporary facilities. The contractor is also obliged to finish waste selection, so that airport could sell all waste that has a market value, “ Bagaric Arnaut said.

The works began with the demolition of an old administrative building. As of December 1st , a restaurant in Terminal A was closed, in order to do dismantling of kitchen equipment and transfer it to a new area in the container complex which is intended for the restaurant.

The works consist of the preparation of construction sites, demolition of building, land replacement and dismantling of facilities. The estimated value of the works is 160.000 BAM. Demolition works should be completed by the end of the year.



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