Read the Interesting Story about Blacksmiths from Kresevo

May 17, 2015 10:00 AM

shoeing of eggsThe blacksmiths from Kresevo are widely known for their art, and one of those who still keep the blacksmith tradition is Stjepan Biletic, the master in shoeing eggs.

The Biletic’s stand at the Tourism Fair in the Center Skenderija, is one of those that attract the most attention. It is not usual to see someone shoeing the eggs in Sarajevo, but it is not the case in Kresevo, where that tradition lives for centuries.

Although, there are fewer and fewer of those who want to deal with this job. As Biletic said, the blacksmithing is dying.

In order to shoe one egg, besides art, patience and knowledge are needed.

There is a legend that says that the young men who was trained for shoeing eggs, was ready for establishing a family, and it talks about the importance of this tradition in Kresevo.

“He would put the egg at the window, and girls who would saw it, knew that he was capable to establish the family as well“, said Biletic.

He hopes that his grandson will continue the tradition who showed some interest for this job, but also his granddaughter who is working with him.




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