The Railroad Sarajevo-Pale is a Common Interest

January 27, 2018 10:15 AM

The Association of Citizens “Ciro” held a meeting with the High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko on the occasion of the project of the construction of railroad Pale – Bistrik.

The meeting took place on Pale, on Ravna Mountain.

After the meeting with journalists, Inzko stated that he has a great interest in developing tourism here, as a representative of the international community.

President of the Association of Citizens “Ciro” Fadil Cordalija stated that the first phase of the reconstruction of the railroad from Sarajevo to Pale was successfully completed. He added that everything will remain the same, except the station on Bistrik, which was moved for about 400 meters because of the bypass.

“The rest of the railway is intact, except for a bridge that was destroyed, and the rest of the infrastructure is functional. The cost of constructing it again would be about 50 million BAM, and this investment will be somewhere around four million, up to 4 million and 70 000 BAM,” stated Cordalija.

“The interest of the Municipality of Pale for this project is historical, since it would connect tourists from Sarajevo to the Jahorina stream, and they would go to Jahorina via Ravna Mountain in a gondola,” stated Vukovic.

He said that this region, with the realization of this project, would become a world-renowned ski resort.






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