Radoncic: All entering Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to go to 14-day Quarantine in the worst Conditions


Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radoncic said after the session of the Bosnian Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue, held because of the coronavirus pandemic, that no one can feel comfortable and think that the pandemic is not concerned, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Radoncic said they were asked by all crisis staffs to provide accurate information on patients, isolated, complicated cases, medical needs and how they did a comprehensive analysis.

“We have reached concrete conclusions. We will have to organize meetings with our pharmaceutical companies, with people with whom we can increase the number of masks … We will have to stop entry and exit from BiH,” Radoncic said.

He noted that from March 9 to March 16, a total of just over 81,000 people entered BiH, and more than 79,000 exited.  Still, he stressed that just over 1,600 people entered BiH yesterday after tougher border measures were introduced.

He stated that he was the initiator of the measure that people cannot enter with their ID card in BiH and that the measure remains at all border crossings.

“An enemy that is invisible but very, very deadly. There is no room for anyone to feel comfortable and think that this is not the case. The data shows that some did not comply with the measures given by the competent institutions,” Radoncic said.

He notes that the number of entries into and departures from Bosnia and Herzegovina has been drastically reduced.
According to minister, the decision of the Council of Ministers can turn the state prison into a temporary isolatorium.

“The Grebak barracks can be an isolator. People who enter BiH will have to go to a 14-day quarantine in the worst conditions. We have to treat people who want to come at all costs,” he said.



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