Rade Marusic healed Thousands of People with Medicinal Herbs

radeRade Marusic is one of the most famous herbalist and phytotherapist in the former Yugoslavia. He healed, as he says, tens of thousands of people using medicinal herbs. As a young man, Marusic toured almost the whole world.

He went to China three times, he visited South and North America, and collected experience of herbalists from these countries.

“I especially liked the access to alternative medicine in China. There are even 7500 years old recipes, and they are still used. Food is medicine in China,” said Marusic. He learned on these trips, among other things, that for a specific disease besides the tea should be recommended adequate nutrition as well, and it should be noted what is forbidden in order for herbs to help.

Rade gave hundreds of recipes for teas and drinks for almost 200 diseases and he gives instructions on diet and lifestyle with them.

“People are coming to me because of different types of diseases. Today they are mostly coming because of ulcers, hemorrhoids, nervous stomach, which is increasingly spreading and many other diseases that I have successfully cured even when the doctors did not have a solution,” said Marusic.

In his 82 years, he says, he never got sick because the diet and lifestyle are most important for health. The main advice to all of his patients with the recommended prescription is to eat cooked food and not to eat dry food and fried meat, which is very dangerous.

Great attention, according to Marusic, should be paid on drinking of the tea.

All teas are not allowed to be consumed constantly, because their continued consumption might cause different side effects. However, teas such as thyme, mint, wild mint, yarrow and rose hip can be consumed on daily basis.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)

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