Questionnaire for Diaspora on the Website of the Agency for Statistics of B&H by the end of Month

popisnicaQuestionnaire for B&H citizens living abroad and instructions how to complete and submit to the Agency for Statistics will be published on the Agency’s website by the end of the month, was confirmed by the Agency for Statistics of B&H for Fena.

They clarify that the form should contain questions such as – name and surname, personal identification number, residence municipality, nationality, religion, mother tongue, the country where is living, the reason and the length of staying in other country.
The Agency states that B&H citizens living abroad should complete the form and submit it by mail with a return receipt to the Agency no later than 15th October 2013.

“Input, control, processing and publication of data of these persons will be done by the B&H Statistics Agency together with the entity statistical institutes, apart from the census B&H from Article 7 Law on the census. The collected data will be analyzed and presented in a special database”, underlined the Agency.

It is noted that the Census 2013 in B&H will be applied in accordance with the international statistical standards for the definition of the total population, the concept of habitual residence (place of usual residence). Therefore, the period of one year or longer, as stated is the main criteria for the inclusion or exclusion of people from the country’s total population, Census.

“So B&H citizens living abroad for more than 12 months will not be included in the total population of B&H, because according to the same concept they are included in the total population of the state where they live in, so they have a place of residence”, stated the Agency for Statistics.

Also, it is explained that the place of usual residence is the place where a person spends most of his day, regardless of short-term absence from that place.

Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in B&H will be implemented in October this year and that will be the first census after the one in 1991.


(Source: Fena)

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