Public Debt of BiH decreased by almost 750 million BAM?

April 16, 2018 8:00 AM

Minister of Finance and Treasury in the Council of Ministers of BiH Vjekoslav Bevanda stated that this mandate is marked by political turbulences and an unstable parliamentary majority, and that political tensions will be increased as the elections are approaching.

The Council of Ministers of BiH should summarize all the results of its work today after the session, and the Minister of Finance and Treasury stated that good news is that the public debt of BiH was decreased by almost 750 million BAM. Moreover, 125 million USD from the clearing debt of the former USSR was returned and it is expected from entity ministries to reach the agreement on the allocation of 64 million BAM collected from tolls that are accumulated in a special account.

Next week is expected from the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to express its opinion on the amendments to the Law on Salaries and Benefits in BH Institutions, and Minister Bevanda said that the Ministry will respect any type of decision of the Parliament, and it will show the respect to the needs of soldiers and other officers, although it is a demanding job.

Bevanda claimed that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH achieved its primary goal in this mandate, which is the adoption and execution of the budget in accordance with the legislation and the needs of institutions in order for them to function normally.




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