Promotion of the new album of the Sarajevo band ”Velahavle”

The promotion of the new album of the Sarajevo band ”Velahavle”, entitled ”What About Now” will be held on the 28th December, at the Meeting Point Cinema in Sarajevo. The official promotion of the album will start at 18:00 p.m. The members of the band will attend the promotion and present their second single from the new album, called ”Kolortechina”.

After the promotion, the entire album will be available for free download at the official web site of ”Velahavle”,
The story behind the band has started ten years ago, when a group of young men from the same Street from Ciglane met and started playing together. They started playing professionally after a period of changing band members and learning how to play even better.

The founder of the band are the guitar player Armin Hujić, drummer Džanan Hujić, the keyboard player Rizvan Mehmedbašić and Samir Hodović the vocals of the group. The current members of the band are also the bass guitar player Edvin Kovačević, MC and the DJ of the band, Damir Karišik and another guitar player Nedim Ilijazović, who replace Armin Hujić who is currently living in Australia.
The band has performed on various concerts in B&H and Europe. Since their foundation, the band has released two albums, the first entitled ”Reconnect” in 2005, and the new album ”What About Now” in 2012.


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