Promotion of Para-Badminton, A Suitable Sport for Competition and Recreation for People with Disabilities

parabadmintonThe para-Olympic committee of B&H and Badminton Association of B&H will organize on Saturday a promotion of para-badminton, a suitable sport for competition and recreation of people with disabilities.

This is the first time that B&H promotes badminton as a suitable sport for people with disabilities.

The world badminton federation (BWF) organizes and develops para-badminton and a large number of national organizations are engaged in these activities, announced the para-Olympic committee of B&H.

The promotion will be organized within the international badminton tournament for recreational players and will be held on 7 December at the sports hall of the Gymnasium Dobrinja. The organizers expect the participation of teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Russia and B&H.

(Source: Fena)



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