Promotion in the Production of Traditional Cheese

sir 1USA Embassy in Sarajevo has approved financing of the “Got cheese?”, implemented by the association “Spori turizam” in Žepče , which is funded as a part of the project “Women” s Empowerment” in BiH.

Implementation of the project started on 1st June 2013 and its aim is to contribute to economic independence and the social inclusion of women in the municipality of Žepče, and to increase the level of economic empowering of women in rural areas of the municipality of Žepče by improving the production and promotion of traditional local cheeses.

For the implementation of the project activities, will participate economically disadvantaged women from families of farms engaged in milk production and processing of milk into cheese, to increase their revenues and market competitiveness. It will be achieved the recognition of the production in the wider national market, and this will affect a better promotion of Žepče municipality.

Preserving traditional cheese production in the area of ​​municipality Žepče and promotion of Žepče cheese, and inclusion in the gastro tourist offer of municipality of Žepče and BiH, will create the conditions for branding and protection of indigenous cheeses, which will provide a sustainable market with a tendency to increase the demand for the production.

Implementation of a project, whose duration is planned for 10 months, will encourage an interest for this product in restaurants and for producers will create favorable conditions for penetration into new wider markets.

The project is supported by the Development Strategy of Žepče 2011-2018 and therefore has the support of municipality of Žepče. Technical assistance in the implementation of the project provides Žepče Development Agency, whose team also participated in the process of drafting the project proposal.

On Monday, 22 July 2013 in the hall of the Municipal Council of Žepce is held presentation of the project to all interested producers of Žepče cheese. The project was presented by Jugoslav Sarajlić, project manager, and about the results of the project and continuing support activities spoke Branka Janko, Director of Žepče Development Agency, who stated that the production of milk and cheese in the municipality of Žepče has a long tradition, and that the production of traditional cheeses in these areas is result of tradition and food habits of local people.


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