A Professor from Harvard to open Nutrition Master Program at UNSA?

Walter Willett, the Professor of nutrition, epidemiology, and medicine at Harvard University, will pay a visit to BiH next week.

Professor Willett will give a lecture on the significance of nutrition for our health on October 11, which is intended for a wider audience, and with which the Master Studies of Nutritionism will be officially opened in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, UNSA.

Dr. Willett is the most quoted nutritionist in the world and among the top five scientists in the field of clinical medicine. He founded the scientific discipline of nutritional epidemiology and he is the leading researcher of the cohort study Nurses’ Health Study II, which collects data from 100,000 nurses since 1989, and thanks to which much more is known about the role played by nutrition in the onset and prevention of numerous chronic illnesses and diseases.

Professor Willett led the Department of Nutrition of the Public Health School of the University of Harvard for 25 years. During this period, this cathedra managed to get to the first place as the strongest nutrition cathedra in the United States and it still holds that position.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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