Professor of Catholic Religious Education held a Class in the Mosque in Zepce

Ignorance is making stereotypes and prejudices which, in a society such as the one in BiH that is still divided in many segments, can have large consequences. That is why education of young people is so important. The professor of Catholic religious education Branko Rados showed one way to do it.

The class dedicated to the religion of Islam for twelve students, the future construction technicians of the Mixed High School in Zepce, was held in the Ferhat-Pasha’s mosque in this town. The main imam of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Zepce, Dzafer ef. Gracic, gave his contribution to this class, and he introduced students with the history of his religion, the foundations of Islamic science, as well as the customs of Muslims in BiH.

Professor Rados noted that the main reason for this visit is to learn about the religious communities of people who are living in Zepce, the people with whom a common future will be built.

“This was the usual visit of students of the Catholic religious education who have a religion of Islam in the curriculum. The students are satisfied and they can’t wait to visit the Orthodox church as well,” stated Professor Rados.

More than 400 students had the opportunity to visit different religious objects within their classes of religious education in Zepce. The host speaks about the history of the religion that is researched on the class.

The students of the Mixed High School were also interested in the interior decoration and the appearance of this religious building, which is not surprising considering their future vocation.

(Source: klix.ba)

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