Professor from BiH with Cerebral Paralysis breaks All Boundaries

profesor Slobodan MarkovicThe will is, we often say, the main prerequisite to achieving your goals even if they seem impossible. This phrase is confirmed every day by Professor Slobodan Markovic from Banja Luka who, in spite cerebral paralysis, is doing his job honorably.

Since his childhood, the 26-year-old professor of Serbian language and literature suffers from cerebral palsy, but it did not bother him, nor his colleagues and students, to become one of the most popular professors at the Technical School in Banja Luka.

Yet his popularity among students is not due to careless giving of good grades, but because of his jokes and ways to make them correct their own mistakes.

“I understand them, and their lack of discipline and the fact that they do not like school and do not like to learn. I was the same when I was their age. I try not to teach only dry material for grades, but I try to teach them something from our life,” says Professor Markovic.

Although he never hoped to get the job, he worked very diligently and devotedly, which finally led to desired employment. And his colleagues, as well as the City of Banja Luka, made sure that he is not dissatisfied with his job, and they are helping him on a daily basis, and there is also one taxi only for him, which he uses to come to work.

“I have to thank everybody for their help with these technical issues. They are helping me from the first day, without any brakes in their heads. You can take 100 percent out of life,” says this young and brave professor, as reported by RTRS.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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