Production to start again in a Failed Factory in Livno

Brothers Stanic from Livno purchased a factory that used to produce fashion clothes in this town and employed 150 workers. They will start furniture production in factories that are closed since 2009. They are not afraid for the sale, and their priority is to find quality workers.

The furniture salon Bellini from Livno has been dealing only with retail so far. After they managed to successfully produce several pieces of furniture during an improvised workshop last year, they decided to launch their own production as well.

“We purchased the Fashion Clothing Factory Livno. It is an old factory that used to have 150 workers on the area of 4,500 square meters,” as confirmed by Miroslav Stanic.

Workers will enter the factory that stopped working after the privatization process. Bellini will produce sitting furniture here. They expect for majority of their products to be sold in neighbouring Croatia.

“We have sold half of our products in the Dalmatian County so far, because of the proximity of the border with the Republic of Croatia. The second half refers to Herzegovina. We are planning the same with the furniture that we will produce,” said Stanic, and also added that he is not afraid of the sale, but the most important thing for them is to be able to produce furniture.

That is why it is most important for them to find enough workers. They have 11 workers at the moment and this number will be significantly increased after they enter the production process. Since they are aware of the situation on the market, they decided to offer the conditions that will attract their future workers and they are ready to provide accommodation for those who need it as well.




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